Judy & JC are expecting their first “non-furry” child

As one who was where they are now just over a year ago… I remember what our photo shoot with our dog Bailey and my belly was like and at that point it was very hard to believe that something would soon enter my life that I loved increasingly more – every day than Bailey. How could I love anything more than my puppy? But soon our baby was born and though I cried that things would never be the same anymore “the two of us and our little pup” it was very clear that our little baby was here to stay and not only that she had stollen my heart … and we now we just say,” we have two babies, a real one & a furry one”. After spending time with these two and their amazingly well behaved & loved Scottie it looks like these guys are very much headed on the same path. We are excited for them!

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Lizzy | Senior | Wheaton Academy | 2013 | Loving Life

I loved Lizzy’s realness with people – she is such a strong girl, that looks people in the eye, cares and really includes others. I loved seeing that characteristic in action as well hearing stories from her mother regarding her out going-personality. I think that comes from confidence in knowing who you are, and more importantly whose you are. This girl certainly has been rooted in love from her home and her school and will no doubt continue to seek and serve her maker.

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Michelle | Senior | Waubonsie Valley High School | 2013 | Sweetheart

Michelle was such a sweetheart and was totally a champ when it came to a little rain at the end of her session – she was such a sweetheart, you can’t even tell.

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Alli | Senior | Minooka High School | 2013 | Alli all the way

About 5 years ago I met Alli’s mom and instantly connected to her, soon after I met Alli, and she interned in my office, then as a freshmen. You can only imagine my joy and delight to see Alli again and this time…literally she was all grown up and gorgeous and totally herself, strong and content. She was even elected Prom Queen this year!

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Nathan | Senior | Waubonsie Valley High School | 2013 | Like an Eagle

Nathan is truly headed for some cool things in his life because of his great experience and commitment to the scouts. As he goes to Trine University in the Fall, you know he is headed for success and anything he encounters will be no match for him because what he’s learned about himself and his work ethic will always carry him through. You know his parents are so proud too!

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Taylor | Senior | Wheaton North | 2013 | Young life sweetheart

Taylor is this super adorable girl who has a heart for the world – through her commitment to young life – she made forever friends who will remain forever long after our life on this earth. ┬áIn the fall she will be at Bethel University and I know her impact will just continue on from there. It’s cool to see students like her live life for the Lord.

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Mommy’s Lucky Charm

Happy belated St. Patricks day! Aidan is an adorable little 3 month old boy, with a big Irish smile as he’s his momma’s lucky charm! Good thing he knows how to wear a tie so he can follow in the family foot steps since both of his parents are bankers.

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Morgan is our blessing

For those of you that follow me…This is Reagan’s sister. My heart is overwhelmed to introduce her. There are no words to describe it, but blessing.

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Welcome Mason

Mason entered our world on one perfect Tuesday in January. Isn’t he precious. Mason is adorable! I have loved him ever since I knew he was coming. I photographed his mom and dad’s wedding nearly two years ago – a couple so cool – that I felt they should also be my friends. I guessed Mason was coming – last July, there was something different about his mom Kim, and I simply asked, “so you pregnant yet?” and she was. I think my spot on suspicion is simply cause I was pregnant too. I can’t wait till Mason’s a bit older so that he and Gwen can be friends!

Ready for this weather – perfect for Spring in Chicago

He totally has his mom’s lips!

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Maddy | Senior | Wheaton North | 2013 | Our beloved Intern

Maddy has been our intern for two summer’s now, Maddy was super good at all the projects I threw at her, she’s very crafty, and made my DIY projects perfect. I loved Maddy’s sweet spirit, she would always cheer me up even if was a crazy busy day. This super Maddy was my assistant during shoots and on those hot summer day’s I needed her kindness and encouragement to keep me going…as I sometimes felt very pregnant. I will miss Maddy so much, but I know she is such an amazing girl who will continue to shine her light wherever she goes.

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